Organizational Clinic / Strategic Planning

Browsing your organization properly you will reach the expected success!

Insert Consulting & Training is in constant search of new management trends that allows the increasing of the insert integrity, assertiveness diagnosis, the objectivity of the proposals, satisfaction of meeting the particular needs of each of our clients, speed of the solution coupled with the constant updating of our team of professionals and years of experience in the management field has led us to be able to offer our service clinic + organizational integration.

Clinic + insertion is a technique and methodology of action in the uniqueness of each organization as a patient, inserting ourselves in the operation and the reality of the system shielding each process, taking a systemic view to safeguard the standards of objectivity and assertiveness in our approaches offering our customers comprehensiveness in the intervention and the subsequent diagnosis to visualize and set clear proposals and solutions that ensure success.

Based on this work with our team of professionals Strategic Planning companies in several phases, such as:


  • Inserting and knowledge of the organization in nature.
  • Diagnosis with a 360.
  • Statement of objectives, vision, mission and organizational values .
  • Corporate strategies.
  • Action plans.
  • Tracing.