The world of BEING: Transpersonal Coaching and Life

The one who is able to identify its true self, has a successful future guarantee!!!

Insert Consulting & Training is convinced through their professionals that the first step to success depends on the knowledge that every individual has of his own being, well knowing that the foundation of any team, organization or enterprise project is you, thus in this globalized market differential advantage is in you .

The program, through transpersonal coaching technique helps identify your inner self. Applying techniques for the individual to be able to be conscious and experiencing ‘BEING’. In this sense, learning is oriented to the awakening of consciousness of its true nature so it experiences life since its ‘BEING’. Helping the individual to understand who it is and as a consequence it will experience self-discovery.

Transpersonal coaching is clear that the work of conscience transcends and that its basic function is to accompany the human being in his awakening to its true reality identifying strengths, areas of opportunity, skill and unknown areas, so it can guide in a focused way its successful destination in organizations and projects of entrepreneurship in its personal life.

Insert Consulting & Training , offers two ways to work the World of Self through Transpersonal Coaching and Life Coaching .

Coaching Transpersonal

The transpersonal term goes beyond individuality, beyond the development of the individual, to something bigger is more inclusive than individual or bigger than it is a person.

The fundamental work of transpersonal coach is to facilitate the person become aware of their true nature and experience the full life since its “BE”.

The transpersonal coach is a facilitator of learning from experience inner silence consistent and applying coaching techniques, facilitates decision-consciousness and experimentation of “being” in their coachees. In this sense, a transpersonal coach guides the learning relationship to “the awakening of consciousness”, while respecting the level of spiritual development and beliefs held by his client.

The coach is one transpersonal from a stable consciousness that facilitates people to realize their true “BE”, helping them to understand that if tranquilize the mind will be possible to recognize their true nature and as a result will experience self-discovery. The transpersonal coach consciousness from his experience handle a set of specialized tools and techniques designed to facilitate the spiritual seeker focus on the “Self” and not on external or mental experiences.

The transpersonal coach is clear that the work of consciousness is not confined to the techniques simply “re fi ne the EGO” but transcends them and that their basic function is to accompany the human being in his wake his true reality.

That’s why we believe in the transpersonal coaching is not enough to know and master the techniques and methodologies of coaching, more importantly, a personal experience of being that allows from experience and not from the simple theoretical or conceptual knowledge is necessary be “guide” in the spiritual awakening of consciousness of other human beings.


Life Coaching

It is a process that facilitates conversation also specialized learning who enlists the help. Humans experience blockages throughout our lives that affect the ability to move effectively to achieve goals, solve situations, make decisions or simply understanding facts of his life. In these situations simply locking paralysis is experienced or continue to use the same strategy hoping to achieve different results.

Due to the current situation characterized by paralysis, confusion or ineffectiveness and a desired situation where we want to be and we have difficulty achieving it; coaching is the process of facilitating the mobilization of individual unwanted current situation to the situation where you want to be.

Generally, when the individual is experiencing difficulty it stuck to observe and evaluate different options; identify their skills and, let alone recognize new strengths in it; generate actions or reconsider what you want.

Life coaching as a process facilitates the learning of the individual, given their limited view of reality, to realize their potential, to realize that there are always different options to achieve a goal, recognize that he always has the ability to advance effectively achieve their goals and perform as a person. “Learning is change, change is to learn”.

Life Coaching is a place to discover how to live better, where you will become aware of situations in your life and aspects of you that must change to move forward because right now you are denying the possibility of achieving what you love, achieved it techniques to achieve success in your project, organization, job, family, etc.