About us

Who are we?

Insert Consulting & Training is an organization of counseling, consulting and training designed to intervene and to get inserted in all processes where human being is involved, both in the organizational group field or individual, by a group of highly experienced professionals with international accreditation in organizational clinical processes, personal, executive and team coaching as well as selection processes, managing to build from the individual self a successful team for any organization, society, group and entrepreneurship.

What do we do?

In Insert Consulting & Training through studies, practical and managing experience, we know that the success of any organization is built from the knowledge that human resource has in its own company, from which we advise and train by systemical intervention in organizations through innovative techniques we get inserted in processes, departments, groups, areas, leaders, executives, etc., achieving co-creation along with individuals, heads of the organization, personnel and the whole team having clear objectives, defined responsibilities and appropriate training to provide different advantages to achieve the best levels of success and profitability in organizations.